Joanne’s House:

Youth between the ages of 16 and 24 can access the shelter twenty-fours a day, seven days a week. We have can accommodate 13 youth at a time and beds are given on a first come, first serve basis. Youth are encouraged to call as soon as they need a bed and leave a message in order to secure their space. Youth can stay for 30 days and have access to meals, laundry, life skills, bus tickets for appointments and school as well as food and clothing donations.
Joanne’s House is a housing-focused shelter, which means we will work with youth to find an alternate solution for their housing crisis. Staff on shift will assess their situation and can assist youth with transportation to another location to help them avoid staying at the shelter. Operating from a housing-focused model means our number one priority is assisting youth find housing. If we cannot find an alternate housing solution immediately, we will work intensively with the youth during their stay at the shelter in order to minimize their time in the homeless system.

For more information please call the Youth Advocates on shift at: 905 – 239 – 9477.

Youth Reconnect:

Youth Reconnect is the only youth homelessness prevention program in the Durham Region and is modelled off of the highly Youth Reconnect program offered by the RAFT in Hamilton. Youth and their families that may be at-risk of experiencing a breakdown, that would result in them being homeless, have the opportunity to work with a counsellor who will help them remain at home. The Youth Reconnect Counsellor works intensively with the youth, their parents, caregivers, family members or other supports in order to help them keep their family intact.
Youth and other community members calling the shelter for support may be redirected to the Youth Reconnect Counsellor (YRC). The YRC can work with youth and their families to find alternatives to staying at the shelter and thus help families remain intact.

Please call/text the Youth Reconnect Counsellor, Kelly Jackson, for more information: 905-391-4845

Jacky’s Place:

Jacky’s Place is a transitional house for youth between the ages of 16 – 24. Residents can live at Jacky’s Place for one year with the possibility of extension. Residents will receive intensive case management and life skills training. Jacky’s Place is semi-supported by staff and acts as shelter overflow during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Please call/text the Case Manager for more information: 289-980-5557.

Shelter Diversion:

Shelter diversion is the practice of working more intensively with youth in need of a shelter bed in order to find an alternate place for them to stay. Youth that stay at a shelter for even one day are more likely to become chronically homeless. Our philosophy is to work intensively with youth and their support people to prevent them from entering homelessness.
Shelter diversion is not turning away individuals in need, it is providing youth with the tools and resources they need to resolve their housing crisis.

For more information please call the Youth Advocates on shift at: 905-239-9477.

Resident Support Coordinator:

Our Resident Support Coordinator (RSC) is a three-year program funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The RSC operates from a housing-first philosophy and provides intensive case management to our most at-risk and high needs homeless youth. The RSC will work with youth for the length of the grant in order to assist them to move from a place of in-crisis to stability. Research has shown that similar programs have allowed many youths to break the cycle of poverty and learn how to be self-sufficient enough to live on their own.

Please call/text the Resident Support Coordinator for more information: 647-709–6483.

Housing First for Youth (HF4Y):

Housing first for youth is a highly effective program for working with chronically homeless youth that may be experiencing complex mental health and/or addiction issues. The HF4Y worker will work intensively with youth for as long as it takes for them to transition to independence and well-being. The core principles of HF4Y are providing housing and health supports, access to income and education, life skills training as well as building a network of natural supports.

Please call/text the Housing First for Youth Worker for more information: 905–391-8990.