The need to support at-risk and homeless youth in Durham Region is great.

Through a variety of circumstances, there are many at-risk and homeless youth in Durham Region. Durham Youth Services was created to support those youth to become healthy, happy, independent adults.


No one chooses to be homeless. The reasons that people become homeless are complex and are often caused by circumstances beyond their control. The most basic cause is poverty, resulting from a family crisis, a loss of employment or income, and/or basic medical or mental health challenges.

Some of the stark realities of being homeless are:

  • The continuous search for shelter
  • Inadequate food, nutrition and clothing
  • Victimization, sexual harassment and physical assault
  • Mental health and/or substance abuse problems
  • Inadequate medical and social services
  • Negative or low self-esteem
  • Social isolation
  • Poor to no prospects for employment
  • No access to affordable permanent housing


The facts:

  • Joanne’s House has provided housing to over 400 youth since 2017
  • The majority of youth that accesses the shelter are from Oshawa and Ajax
  • Most of our residents identify as male
  • The average age of our residents is nineteen
  • The number one reason they give is “family breakdown”

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As the only youth shelter in Durham Region, now with a growing range of services, we want to ensure that we respond to the real needs of the youth in our community.