There is a solution and you can help.


At Durham Youth Services (DYS) we focus on solutions: we are expanding the services we offer from our emergency shelter to transitional housing to outreach services for prevention and early intervention for youth.

We are working towards ending youth homelessness.


Ending youth homelessness requires community-based and school-based prevention and intervention strategies. DYS works with families and community members to provide support to any young person in need.

All homeless people, regardless of age, have one thing in common – a lack of permanent, affordable housing. Though we can debate what has caused the recent increase in the number of people without it, access to housing is still the first step in dealing with the problem and helping to break the cycle of homelessness.

DYS believes there are three prerequisites to breaking the cycle:

  1. All homeless people, including youth, require adequate, permanent, affordable housing.
  2. All homeless people need enough money to live on (a job, job training, adequate social assistance or pension)
  3. Some also need support services for health, mental health, addictions, or simply to recover from a long period of being homeless

While the causes of youth homelessness are complex, the solution could be at hand: housing, income and, for some, timely support services. The services required depend upon the unique individual circumstances of each homeless person.

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How Are We Helping?

 We offer emergency housing services, life skills training, intensive case management, longer-term transitional housing and much more.

How Can You Help?

 You can help by: 

  • Donating to one of our programs
  • Volunteering at Delta Pickering Bingo
  • Organizing a hygiene kit drive (we can help!)
  • Fundraising


Make A Donation

As the only youth shelter in Durham Region, now with a growing range of services, we want to ensure that we respond to the real needs of the youth in our community.