Housing First for Youth (HF4Y)

Housing First for Youth (HF4Y)

Housing First for Youth* is a highly effective program for working with chronically homeless youth that may be experiencing complex mental health and/or addiction issues. The HF4Y worker works intensively with the individual youth for as long as it takes for them to transition to full independence and well-being.

HF4Y is based on a holistic model that includes youth-focused service supports. Natural supports such as family, friends and connection to community are engaged as much as possible, alongside formal supports such as employment, education, clinical and health services.

The HF4Y worker helps the youth develop their communication and self-advocacy skills; these skills are essential to seeking and maintaining the resources they need and building healthy social relationships. 

A network of housing and health supports, access to income and education, and supportive relationships in the community are key elements to preventing and ending youth homelessness.

For more information contact Housing First for Youth Workers at 289-314-2628 or 647-381-1955

*Participants in our Housing First for Youth program come from the Region of Durham’s By-Name List.

The “By-Name List” is run by Durham Region and is one of the tools our community uses to coordinate access to housing. It is a real-time, up-to-date list of people known to be experiencing homelessness in Durham Region. The By-Name List process improves coordination among agencies and provides streamlined access to community supports. Individuals on the By-Name List are strategically prioritized based on needs and capabilities (e.g. ability to live on their own).

Durham Youth Services is both an Access Point to the By-Name List and a provider of housing for youth on the By-Name List.

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