We are proud of the work that we do, but we cannot, and do not do it alone!

We rely on the compassion of our community to make it possible.

Fundraising Ideas

Here are some creative and fun ideas to bring your friends, loved ones or colleagues together for a good cause, both in-person and online! There are so many unique and fun ways to raise money to help youth experiencing housing insecurity. These are just some examples:

    • Donate proceeds from garage sales, online auction or other event
    • Celebrate an upcoming event such as a birthday, wedding or anniversary by requesting donations instead of gifts
      • We are grateful to receive specific items or gift cards as well as monetary gifts. Please contact us to find out what our current needs are.
    • Host a games night and enjoy a bit of friendly competition like a Trivia Night or a Video Game Tournament.
        • For an online version, use YouTube Live or Zoom to hold and host the Trivia Night. People can pay a minimum donation/fee to play and receive the meeting link and information.
        • For an online version of a Video Game Tournament, create a page where participants can register themselves and make their donations. Then arrange a time and date for the tournament to take place and use a platform such as Twitch to have some friendly competition for a good cause!
      • Set a goal and have your family and friends sponsor you as you work towards it (Like training to run a 10km or half marathon)
      • Organize a special day at work with proceeds going to help youth.  For example, a ‘samosa Thursday’ or a ‘pet picture contest’ with participants contributing a donation.
      • Showcase your talents and hold an in-person or virtual craft session, yoga session or any kind of session with participants contributing a minimum donation/fee to join. Get creative and share your passion!
      • We’ve partnered with Fundscrip and if you order gift cards through the Fundscrip program, Durham Youth Services will receive an additional donation from the retailer.  Here are more details about Fundscrip. (Invitation Code for DYS is 8VF47V)

If you are planning an in-person or virtual fundraising event for Durham Youth Services, please let us know so that we can learn about and support your creative and generous efforts!

Fundraising activities can be counted towards volunteer hours for the secondary school requirements if you contact DYS and coordinate with us during the initial planning stages of your event.

Please contact for more information.

Here are some helpful links:

Go Fund Me (Charity Fundraising)

Facebook (Nonprofit Fundraising)