Durham Youth Services Frequently Asked Questions

Are meals provided?

Yup, 3 every day, plus snacks

Are there laundry facilities?

Absolutely….soap too.

Are there rules?

You bet. But they are fair like a weekend curfew of midnight and no smoking in the house

Can I get there on public transit?

Durham Region Transit bus # 218 Beach route stops only a few doors from Joanne’s House.

Do youth need to call first?

It’s better to call to make sure we have a bed, but not absolutely necessary.

How many beds are there?

13 beds – available on a first come-first served basis

Who can stay at the shelter?

Youth, both girls and guys, between the ages of 16 -24 who need a safe place to stay.

Will each person get their own room?

Probably not. Rooms will be shared, but there will be a safe place to lock up belongings.

Do we have to meet in person?

Actually, we can probably handle some of your concerns over the phone or video calls, like answering questions and providing you with information such as programs available and contact information.

We can also help you make connections with other agencies and help you fill out any paperwork they need.

What can you help with?

We have developed partnerships with several community agencies to help with stuff like drug use, drinking, getting back to school, finding a job, seeing a doctor etc.
But only if you want to.

We even have a high school, in the house.

What about rules? Do you have them?

You bet. But they are fair like a weekend curfew of midnight and no smoking in the house.

What if I am Pregnant?

We can help there too. We have contacts with other providers to help get what is needed for you and baby.

What if I have kids?

We’re not set up for little ones, but don’t let that stop you. We can point you in the right direction.

Do I have to come into the office for an appointment with the Youth Reconnect Counselor?

No, Youth Reconnect is an Outreach program.  We can meet with you somewhere you feel comfortable (e.g. a local coffee shop, at home or school) or virtually through Zoom or another app.

If I call you, will you call my parents?

We will only call your parents if you give us permission to do so. Our focus is on helping you!