Emergency Shelter “Joanne’s House”

At Joanne’s House, we are more than just Durham’s only Youth Focused Emergency Shelter – we are a housing program that comes with a temporary bed!  We offer safe, temporary accommodation and a full-service housing support program to youth ages 16 – 24 who are working toward their housing in a supported environment. Youth work every day on their housing goals with the support and guidance of our Rapid Rehousing Counselor.  Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, our 10-bed emergency shelter delivers a safe place to sleep, meals and snacks, access to computers for housing and job searches, laundry facilities and more. We serve all gender identities and expressions in a supportive, inclusive environment.

Youth looking to access a shelter bed can call the shelter at 905-239-9477.

Community members/partners looking to secure a bed for a youth in need should encourage the youth to call. We will need to speak directly to the young person before confirming bed availability.

I am so grateful there is a place like this

I found a place that accepts me